About the LA Dance Film Festival

We founded the LA Dance Film Festival in 2016 because we want to create more opportunities for dance filmmakers and increase visibility of dance film as an art form. We accept a variety of film genres as long as they utilize dance as the main storytelling component.

Dance film is a genre of cinematic storytelling created through movement. In contrast to traditional dialogue-driven films, dance films offer new ways to connect with characters and ideas that are beyond words. Pairing dance with film provides a unique entry point for audiences to dive into stories that are not possible when either medium stands alone. While dance film has been produced for decades, we found it was surprisingly underrepresented in Hollywood. LADFF aims to expand local creation, collaboration and viewership through exhibiting extraordinary international dance films.

Read more about producers Betsy Uhler Colombo and Lex Roman below.



In addition to LA Dance Film Fest, Betsy runs her own dance studio, dance company and does film marketing. She is a dancer, choreographer, producer and entrepreneur. Her dance studio Unbound Dance Studio is focused on youth dance education and is also a rehearsal space for emerging choreographers. As Founding Director of LA Unbound, one of the largest dance companies in Los Angeles, Betsy has produced over 20 original dance productions. LA Unbound features including work from hundreds of local choreographers and performers in a variety of styles. 



Lex Roman is an LA-based choreographer, set and interaction designer. Her dance work focuses on creating accessible stories for non-dance audiences. Notable work includes several pieces for LA Unbound, the film Sunset Junction: A Personal Musical and the self-produced, multi-media dance show JUXTA POSE. Her design work spans from set design to industrial design to digital. Lex has designed sets for dance, theatrical productions, commercials and films. Previously, Lex worked in the design departments of The Office, Dexter, Lie to me, and Party Down. As an interaction designer, she's worked with Toyota, Nissan, Prosper, Joyable, Macys.com, and InVision.