2019 Programming Team

Our Programming Team has a rigorous process for reviewing and assessing all films submitted. They help us craft the best program for our audience. Members of the team change year to year to ensure a diverse range of perspectives. 

Thuy-Van Nguyen


Thuy-Van has been a dancer for over 30 years, focusing on ballet and contemporary dance. Since moving to Los Angeles from the DC area, she has performed with various troupes, including LA Unbound and Earthwalk Dance Company. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Radio/Television/Film and now is an editor at the Walt Disney Company in the International Trailers Department.



Kelly Adrianse is an arts enthusiast from Los Angeles. She works as an Executive Assistant at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and serves on the Board of Directors for Benita Bike's DanceArt Company. Kelly performs with LA Unbound and her other credits include “Smile: A Musical”, a short film from Phileon Productions, as well as works directed by Steven Butler, Shannon Janet Smith and William Brownlee. When she’s not dancing, Kelly enjoys attending live theater, movie and musical events, volunteering, traveling and reading. From her first shuffle at age five, Kelly continues to enjoy each step in her dance journey.



Carrie Frymer is a professional dancer and singer who continues to performs locally with the dance company LA Unbound. She is a story-teller and theater producer, most recently doing Creative Development for Warner Bros Theatre Ventures, the live stage division of Warner Bros. Entertainment.  She has been a Nominator for the Kilroys (promoting underproduced new work by female and trans playwrights), and is currently a Board Member for Wanderlust Arts, producing theater productions in site-specific locations around the country.



Amanda is a dancer and film professional based in Los Angeles. She's been with Walt Disney Studios for 8 years and was previously with The Whitehouse (post production house, not the one in DC). She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Radio/Television/Film. In her spare time, Amanda performs with LA Unbound.

Our Programming Team is led by the festival's co-producers. Read more about them here.